Helicopters and Aircrafts for Film shoot


Aerial Cinematography: Shooting Film or Video from a Helicopter.Have you ever noticed that the aerial shots in a feature length movie, a television show or even a commercial really seem to attract your attention? A shot from the air is equivalent to a birds eye view of a location or specific action taking place on the ground or in the air. It's an unusual Point of View compared to a ground shot for instance which to a human is a common everyday sight. An aerial adds a whole new dimension to a production.

 YAGNYA AVIATION SERVICES Pvt. Ltd. ( YAS)  has been one of the prominent providers of Fixed wing aircrafts and Helicopters for film and advertisement shoots for locations in India and abroad.
Proud to be part of success - the recent film projects in the
Bollywood circles has been the Business luxury aircraft for the film ‘Maharana of Jodhpur luxury helicopter featured in ‘Kirkut, TV serial Raja ki ayegi barat,  Regional Movie  Agadbamb, 
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