100% payment on Block Flying Time must be made while booking the aircraft
Payment has to be made in the name of "YAGNYA AVIATION ."
Minimum 2 hours would be charged per day.
Night detention charges if any would be charged Rs.65, 000/- per night
Crew boarding and lodging charges would be Rs.30, 000/- after 4 hours of halt
and Rs.50, 000/- would be charged in case of a night halt.

Client reserves the right to arrange for crew accommodation directly and in such a scenario, the point mentioned above will not be applicable.
Watch hour extension charges would be Rs.5,100/- per hour
25% of charges based on Block/Estimated Flying
Time will be deducted in case a confirmed booking is cancelled between "24 to 12" Hours before Estimated Time of Departure50% of charges based on Block/Estimated Flying
Time will be deducted incase a confirmed booking is cancelled between "12 to 6" Hours of Estimated Time of Departure.
100% charges based on Block/Estimated Flying Time will be deducted in case of "No Show" and
"Cancellation" of Confirmed Booking between 6 Hours to Estimated time of Departure

Day Detention: First 4 hours, the client would not be charged any detention charges. After 4 hours, Detention Chargewould be Rs.5000/- and Rs.8,000/-per hour respectively along with crew boarding, lodging & local transportation.
The quotation is valid for 7 days.
YAGNYA AVIATIONwill not revise the price after
receiving 100% advance payment

Aircraft is subject to availability and airworthiness
Until Flight Confirmation has been made, the booking will be treated as an unconfirmed booking.
In case, if the operator is unable to provide

In case, if the flight has to be diverted to some other sector/s due to bad weather or other technical reason/s or due to non availability of the parking space or for refueling at the
destination airport or due to non- availability of the night parking facilities at the destination airport, the client would bear the cost of the additional sector/s and Hours flown along with crew accommodation and lodging.

In case of outstation clients the cheque to be issued which is payable at par at all Branch locations of their respective banks or the client can issue us a Demand Draft.
Incase the FDTL of pilots is broken the next day, 2 hours additional flying time will be charged to the client.
Maximum baggage allowed is 50 kg, for additional baggage the client will be charge Rs 1000/- per kg.
Incase there is delay beyond 30 min after the departure time the client has to pay the crew charges if any.
Any other tax levied or payable on the date of the flight shall be borne by the client.
Escalation in sale price, consequent upon change in the Price of ATF.
The client is required to provide meal preference six hours prior to the flight.

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